Master Key Experience – Week 2

Hello world!

As I carry on this journey of self-discovery of my true, authentic self. This second week of the Master Key Experience has proven easier doing some of the tasks and exercises.  Reading is becoming more natural and I feel a new energy.
Doing and completing the “Still sitting” gives me a jolt of energy and exhilaration that is completely new to me.  It’s a feeling of accomplishment that I can not describe.

The hardest part is working on what I believe is the hardest part:  re-writing my DMP. I received my first revision from my guide. Tough questions and challenges, but I am grateful for the honest observations. At the end, I know this will workout incredibly well for me.

Funny note: If you are a fellow “master minders” take note: I’ve done the “DO IT NOW”  exercise a few times while driving back home from some errands, and for some strange reason, I ended up doing almost 50 MPH on a 35MPH speed limit road.  Lucky me! No police patrol was in the area in those two instances!  There was a jubilant jolt of energy flowing through me while repeating the “DO IT NOW” phrase with “Gusto”.

My needs are Liberty and Helping Others …

I always keep my promises,

Manuel Madera

3 Replies to “Master Key Experience – Week 2”

  1. Hi, Manuel! Your Blog Rover friend, Loren, here. Regarding your “DO IT NOW” episode while driving, it appears the Universal Consciousness is looking out for you. Now, however, that both you and it are aware of your good fortune, I think you’re correct – best not to push it. LOL

    Regarding the creation of DMP’s that truly deliver the goods, I doubt if anyone provides better assistance than that obtained from the MKE guides. You’re in great hands as you motor your way towards a new and better life! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read what you have to say!


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