Master Key Experience – Week 3

Just writing at this point (third week of the MKE), makes me feel incredibly happy and grateful to all the ones that made my participation possible.

It has been a constant struggle to tune out distractions and the habit of leaving things to do them at the last minute. But I pulled through with my chores for last week. I felt jubilant getting my office cleaned and organized by the promised date. Something inside kept telling me to finish the task. I was not able to feel at peace until I completed it. Oh boy, what a feeling of accomplishment came into me. I am blessed… My hero’s journeys continues.

Linking a colored shape to a feeling to a completed chore is reprogramming my subby in a way I can not explain, but IT WORKS!

My DMP is taking shape; my vision is getting clearer, the revisions from my guide have been very helpful. I continue working on the most important project of my life… the blueprint to build a masterpiece:  my Definitive Major Purpose!

A big take away from the Week 3 MKE webinar was that life changing phrase that Mark J mentioned he got from Vicky:

“That moment of hesitation between an idea that would advance my business and taking action has miraculously dissapeared”

I identified completely with that statement… many brilliant ideas have come to me during my life, but the hesitation, waiting for the approval of others, has been a roadblock to implement them.  But is in the past… Today I am a new man, today I shed the habit of waiting for approval, and replace it with passion, energy and decisive action, because the Liberty I want and the power to help others is already in me.

I always manifest and experience Liberty in my life, helping others is what drives me, gives me energy. I am excited to start each day full of vitality, enthusiasm and love for life and humanity.

I always keep my promises,

Manuel Madera



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