Master Key Experience – Week 4

Today I am at the 4th week mark of having started my journey of self-discovery through the Master Key Experience (MMKMMA). I am deeply grateful to Mark J, Davene and all the guides and fellow “masterminders”, and last but not least all the previous class members who “PAID-IT-FORWARD”, to make the participation of the 2018-2109 class. Thank You!

As I have progressed with the daily exercises, the readings, writing and rewriting my DMP, I realized that when I experience interruptions on my day to day activities (unexpected visitors, errands that take longer that usual, phone calls, etc.) that I feel the urgent desire to complete the tasks that I have promised to complete.  Now it doesn’t matter how late it is, I can not go to bed without doing everything on my list. Little by little, linking the feelings of happiness, joy, exhilaration, gratitude, pride, etc to completing a task that I promised to do, is reprogramming my “subby”.

100 Percent - 1This is the week of giving 100% or go home. I am not giving up. I continue on my journey, I am forming good habits with which to eliminate bad ones.

This week webinar was incredible, more than a course, this is movement with the cause to help people “re-write” (reprogram themselves) to find their bliss..

The MKE is a Self-Action course, the results are determined by what each participant put of themselves into it.  All changes are from within, change your thoughts, create a new reality.  I am observing more, noticing more, and attaching emotion and feelings to my thoughts, creating new habits. I am building a new set of beliefs for my subby.

My heart overflows with gratitude.

I always keep my promises,

Manuel Madera



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