Master Key Experience – Week 5

img_20180908_1959121201 Week 5 has been challenging to me. I can not go to bed without doing my reading and the exercises, but having a family member visit from overseas and staying at my home have thrown me out of balance with my schedule. This have been going on from the end of week 4 and will end by October 31st, in the middle of week 6.

Nevertheless, I am still doing everything as promised, but I have to go past midnight, after everyone is gone to sleep, to get the work on myself done for the day.

I noticed feeling “disturbed” on my spirit when interacting with negative people, and I force myself to keep observing and not give out any opinions or comments, and let the person talk, and get away as soon I possible, which is not possible when the person is a family member.

I’m glad to report that I submitted a revised DMP (Version 6), one of my Pivotal Personal Needs changed. Which means that I am rewriting all my index cards to match the change.  Now I am on my way to conquer the Press Release challenge. I am a little behind on that, but I am confident to get it done. I always keep my promises.

Manuel Madera

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