Master Key Experience – Week 7


Friday morning, week 7 of the MKE is just 3 days to be over, but the battle to remove the “cement” continues on a daily basis.

Removing the “old”, bit by bit, requires work…  On 7.5 of the master key is says:  “… work is necessary – labor – hard mental labor, the kind of effort which few are to willing to put forth”.

As I continue reading, doing the exercises, and fighting against the “perfectionist”, which is a euphemism for “procrastinator”, I realize that I have to do more and better work than I have ever done before. But at the same time I have to completely embrace the spirit of “DO IT NOW”, regardless if the old me is attempting to make me feel that everything is not perfect, or good enough. I must not be paralyzed by trying to be perfect, just DO and get better every day.7days250-303

This week we were supposed to start the 7-Day Mental Diet, I have to confess that I have not started on it, but I have kept improving on giving “NO OPINIONS”, and being the observer. I promise to let you guys know as soon as I start on Day 1 of the Mental Diet with a blog post dedicated just to the Diet (day by day).

I always keep my promises.










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