Master Key Experience – Week 9

Week 9 of the master key experience. I am so grateful for the increased degree of self-awareness and getting better at being an observer.

This week of Thanksgiving is a good time to reflect on the blessings and all the good things that are flowing in and out of my life. I am embracing 100% the Law of Giving and Receiving, I am in the flow.

My wife and I went “shopping” the day after Thanksgiving. But here’s the thing, we didn’t need to buy anything. So, observing the crowd, and the way the stores were setup, it looks like a maze: Only one way in, one way out, we boxes and stuff placed strategically to “direct” the flow of the shoppers. I was relaxed, just observing and having a good time, and thinking “I love you” as we walked around just “looking – observing”.  The more I progress in my journey with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance, the more I grasp the urgent need that this TRUTH is shared we more people, so the can free themselves from the “matrix”, the illusion, the lie that buying things on sale can make them happy and cool.


The effect of the “River of Dreams”, the programming of millions of people  was in full display across our nation (USA) with the crowds of shoppers that were hunting for “deals”.

In part 9.2 of the master key three things are mentioned that all mankind desires, and which are necessary for his complete development and highest expression are HEALTH, WEALTH and LOVE.  The manifestation of these in our lives are not dependent upon things we can buy, but only on “Thinking Correctly”, to do that we must know the “TRUTH”.

The ideas, opinions, advertising, programming pushed on us by others are the artificial limitation that we accept as truth, and impede a complete and absolute connection with the Infinite Supply, the source of “All Health”, “All Wealth” and “All Love”. To know the Truth is to be in harmony with GOD (the Infinite and Omnipotent power).

I wish you the best in your own journey.

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”

I always keep my promises.










4 Replies to “Master Key Experience – Week 9”

  1. Enjoyed your perspective on holiday shopping as being set up like a maze. I only did the day after Thanksgiving shopping experience once, and decided I never wanted to repeat that experience again! It’s wonderful that you were able to send out love to all, in that type of environment, as you were enjoying the day with your wife!


  2. Your blog post, Manuel, reminds me of the movie, “They Walk among Us;” with the understanding provided by MKE serving as the truth-revealing sunglasses used in the movie. Terrific blog post! 🙂


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