Master Key Experience – Week 15

As I was going to be on vacation during week 15 and 16, I packed my lessons, index cards, my Og Mandino book and computer, with the expectation to stay consistent and to connect to the Sunday’s webinars.

Well, to be honest it did not work. Attempting to sneak out in the middle of a Disney World and Universal Studios (Orlando, Florida) was comical. In the end, I opted to enjoy the trip and not spoil it for my wife and the family traveling with us.

Nevertheless, getting on some of the rides, gave me a new perspective on how our minds work. The Soarin’ Around The World ride for instance, stimulates many of the senses with smells, breeze, movement giving the riders an experience that the “subby” can not tell the difference between reality and simulation.

Disney World and Universal Studios parks are an excellent example of thought manifested into reality.

In spite that I was unable to connect to the webinar on December 30, this vacation trip allowed me to observe the power of creative thought.

Please stay tuned for a week 15 – part 2 for my impressions on the actual lesson.

Until next time, I wish you the best of the best.

I always keep my promises
Manuel Madera

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