Master Key Experience – Week 17HJ – Hero’s Journey

Answering or Refusing The Call

At some point in time in our lives each one of us will be confronted with a pivotal question, a call to greatness… Refusing that call to adventure is denial to let go of the old self, and fully embrace that person that God created you to be.

The fear of “not fitting in” is also refusal of the call. For me it comes down to ignore the expectations, ideas and plans that other people make for my life without my permission. Enough is enough, from this point forward I must let go off of my old identity and fully embrace my true self.

This week webinar reminded me of something I already knew: I don’t need permission from others to be happy, and neither should you.

I am nature’s greatest miracle, I am unique.

I persist until I succeed, I always keep my promises.

Manuel Madera

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