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Press Release – Manuel Madera

Networking Times, Special Edition Fall of 2023.

Your Life is a Movie Write Your Own Ending

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Interview with Manuel and Nancy Madera (June 1st, 2023)

Josephine GrossIt is a privilege to have a conversation with a very unique and exceptional individual. We tracked him down after he was mentioned to us by a legend of our industry, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. Big Al said that he met Manuel Madera at one of his training events in Columbus, Ohio in early 2018. Something about him caught his attention, he knew Manuel was going to make it big and impact positively many people through his message, passion and enthusiasm. We at Networking Times are always on the lookout for people with inspiring stories for our readers.

The day of our interview, we sat down with Manuel Madera and his beautiful wife Nancy at the Renaissance® Dallas Addison Hotel in Dallas, Texas, where they were attending the 2023 ANMP International Convention, that is hosted each year. The ANMP is the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, a premier association uniting Network Marketing Professionals, ANMP helps members maximize personal income through career building education, strategic resources and access to the best people in the industry.

I was a panelist for the event, but I managed to secure a one and half hour window for the interview with the Maderas, between sessions of the ANMP convention. As I entered the hotel lounge, the concierge welcomed me and addressed me as Dr Gross and said that my table was ready, I was not expecting that, to my surprise, he guided me to a table nicely decorated with a vase with my favorite flowers – roses (white and red), and there already sitting they were, Manuel and Nancy Madera, he stood up, shook my hand, smiled and greeted me with a loving voice: “Hello Dr. Gross, please join us, this is my wonderful wife Nancy”, she smiled with a sweet look on her eyes, and said in a very warm, soft voice: “Nice meeting you”. I sat down, couldn’t help noticing the magnificent view from our table and how beautiful the blue sky was as the background for the downtown Dallas skyline, with very few clouds, the temperature was around 78 degrees.

So, after getting settled, our server came by and asked if he could get us anything, I just ordered the fresh lemonade with a hint of mint, Manuel and Nancy ordered a fresh strawberry lemonade with no sugar each.

After getting our drinks, I jumped right in into interviewer mode, as our time for the interview was to be about maybe 1 hour and 10 minutes, as we needed to head back for the next session on the convention.

JG: First of all, I want to thank you both, for granting me this interview for Networking Times, as we don’t know each other personally. It was maybe about 3 or 4 years ago that Big Al mentioned you and said that you were a rising star in the industry, and that your story would be inspiring to share we our readers. Would you like to tell me a little bit about yourself before we start?

MM: Sure, Dr Gross, you don’t mind if I call you Josephine?

JG: Not at all.

MM: Well, Josephine, we might be seeing each other in person for the first time, but I must tell you that I don’t see you as a stranger, I’ve been reading your articles on Networking Times for many years. I want to personally thank you for your contribution to the network marketing industry with your writings, seminars, and the interviews you do to leaders all over the world, so their insights can be shared and inspire others as well. Thank you, thank you. Honestly, I don’t know why you are honoring me and my wife with this interview. When you called us, and asked for the interview, that was something amazing, but not unexpected.

JG: Don’t be so humble Manuel, I have been tracking the top earners across the top 20 companies in the world, and you are listed as one of the most successful in the company you work with, in spite that you are not making any noise in social media, online or anywhere for that matter. Please tell me, where do you guys come from, what did you do to make it to where you are today?

NM: Thank you Josephine for your words, we are not really into bragging about financial achievement or anything like that. We are happy to be American citizens, but we were born in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. We came to the USA looking for a better life for us. When we came here, we already have been exposed to network marketing and attempted to build a group with some limited success back in the mid-90’s.

What I can tell you is that for more than 20 years we have stayed with the same company we are today, because we believe in the industry and see it as one of the most rewarding vehicles to achieve financial independence and most important to get in a journey of personal growth and development. We were blessed to reach a level where we got some success, even earning trips every year, received some recognition, and consistently earned several thousand dollars month after month, but not enough that I could quit my full time job. From the outside looking in, for the onlookers, it appeared that we were successful, but that was far from the truth. Our business hit a plateau for several years, especially after Manuel attempted to expand the business overseas to a new country and making some financial decisions that proved to be wrong, and as a result our finances took a hit and we got into some debt. All of this put our business in a state of stagnation, and I was getting concerned, the money coming in was just enough to make end meets, but far from setting us financially free.

JG: Excuse me to interrupt you, I am confused Nancy, just to clarify… you said that you were earning free trips each year with your company and earning several thousand dollars per month, but far from financial freedom?

MM: Josephine, let me jump in and amplify what my wife was conveying. To all your readers in network marketing please, please hear me out: I suggest you really think twice before attempting to develop a group overseas. It will cost you money to do it and it will take longer to develop a solid relationship with the people that come into your organization. Build locally and nationally, develop the skills, the confidence, and above all the mindset, then expand overseas.

Look, we have an organization in the thousands, but I reached a point where I felt incapable of helping my team members. I was feeling inadequate, repeating quotes and being a copy of a copy was not cutting it for us.  Let me tell you, I have a library full of books, I have purchased videos, courses, attended online webinars, searching for the “secret” to success in network marketing, but my situation didn’t improve. The truth is there is no secret, just wisdom from the ages.

JG: Manuel, let me stop you right there! Are you saying that all the books, courses, seminars and available training resources for the industry don’t work?

Manuel takes a sip from her strawberry lemonade, smiles, briefly looks at the beautiful Dallas skyline and continues…

MM: No Josephine, of course not, there are many awesome tools and material, but the problem is that the industry has reached a point where everybody is searching for “a magic bullet” or the next shining object that will solve their problems. I got connected to Mark Januszewski – he calls himself “The World’s Laziest Networker” – and his wife the Fabulous Davene. They are two wonderful visionaries, who produced a teaching program called Go90Grow and then The Master Key Mastermind program, which by participating through self-directed action allowed me and directed me to reprogram my mind! I knew about this program one or two years before I actually got involved in it. The funny thing is that the MKE – the Master Key Experience –  it is not available at any price. You can only get in via one scholarship application, it opens once a year.

JG: WOW! What do you mean not available at any price?

MM: Just that, the MKE is not for sale, each participant gets in via the scholarship, but the mastermind community decides each year is they want the course sold or if they want to pay it forward for the following years scholarship recipients. This is something that has never been done before. I am so grateful and humbled, applying what I learned in the MKE changed our lives and the effects are being multiplied via all the people that we have been able to empower and touch with our transformation story.

JG: Could you please make a summary of what you have been able to accomplish after completing the Master Key Experience course?

MM: I will let Nancy tell you about what she likes the most about it first and then I wrap things up for you, if that is ok.

NM: Josephine, I am extremely happy, proud of my husband, not just because of the money we are earning, or all those trips around the world that I like so much, but above all for the metamorphosis he went through… He became more loving, more patient, more focused and just by looking at him he is more handsome and in better physical shape now than when he got started with the Mastermind. I was always nagging him about exercising, eating better, his sleeping discipline, to no avail. But now, he is a new man, a better version of himself, and always striving for giving his best…

JG: Wow, that is so amazing, I can see the love flowing between you two… I am happy for both of you.  Manuel what do you have to add to that?

32859808_10212643278291649_8270826574970880000_nMM: Like I mentioned earlier I got involved with the Master Key Mastermind Experience in September 2018 and dived deep into what Mark Januszewski refers to as “The Hero Journey”. Six months of self-directed hard work on myself, getting my mind clear, focused. Discovering my authentic Pivotal Personal Needs, what really makes tick, what was my Definite Major Purpose in life made all the difference. My personal needs are Liberty and True Health, everything I do revolves around satisfying those 2 needs, by me doing doing that I am of great service to others in my family, my church and my team. I achieved clarity and accuracy of my purpose in life. Only by having that image absolutely impressed with total clearness in my mind then it could be manifested in the world without. It is so sad to see the masses focusing on actions to change their results, when the real, life transforming change must to be done on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Many have a microwave mentality, they want instant gratification, results at the push of button, clicking on a link on a website or attending a weekend we a “guru” that is “peddling” the latest secret to success and riches.

JG: I see you are getting a little intense there Manuel. Isn’t that an attack on self-help gurus and “The Secret”?

Manuel looks at Nancy, smiles, takes a deep breath, sips his lemonade for a second time, and the leans a little bit forward, looking me straight in the eyes…

MM: Not at all, but let me say that what Mark and Davene have been teaching, what Nancy and I have learned and applied, and shared with so many people around the world, is wisdom of the ages, a shining light that brings clarity to people and they know truth when they see it, and they realize pretty soon that a lot of the motivational stuff, the secret systems being sold don’t work.

Now I know that the crowd, the masses looking for a quick fix, want to feel good now, they want to believe that getting the latest CD from the newest “guru”, attending a weekend event will change their lives, and it might make them feel good for a while, but them they go back to trying to change their lives without changing their thinking. It’s not going to work.

The truth is change takes work. People want money, health, abundance and power, but they fail to realize that those are effects, and can come only when the cause is found. A lot of people want change in their lives, but they don’t want to do the work. Josephine, put that together with the instant gratification mindset that is so pervasive in today society, and selling rehashed stuff to people who are living in quiet desperation become as easy as “shooting fish in a barrel”.

We at the Master Key Mastermind Alliance movement want people to be self-directed, and by the same token, I want my team members in my network marketing organization, not to look at me or anyone else as the one to tell them what their dreams must be, what or how they should think. No, totally the opposite: we want people to discover their truth purpose in life. We want to foster a new generation of free men and women, that become the best they can be, and use their God given talents to the fullest for the benefit of their families, their community, our nation and the world.

JG: Manuel I start to see your point. I can tell you are very passionate about it. Time has flown by, I wish we could get together again to continue our conversation. Would you please tell me the brief version of what you have been able to achieve by applying the principles of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance to your life and to your business?

MM: Sure Josephine, in short after I went through the Master Key Mastermind Alliance experience, and now daily applying the principles and reprogramming my mind, the transformation in my life has been phenomenal. I am manifesting Liberty and True Health in everything I do. Before I was not very disciplined with what I was eating, I didn’t exercise at all, would stay late watching the “dumb box” and wake up late with no energy. By disciplining myself, eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good ones I was able to go from almost 200 pounds to 172, dropped 2 pants sizes, my abdomen is totally flat. Now I wake up daily full of vitality, energized, refreshed, full of love for life. Even my eyesight is excellent, my skin is radiant, with a healthy glow. I have optimal, vibrant health, I feel happy, joyful.

After getting my head clear, my health and energy improved, I was able to work passionately and persistently on my business, I eliminated procrastination totally out of my life and became an example of discipline and courage for my team; I personally helped more than 20 front line members reach the Diamond rank in our company, and help them and thousands secured a better life for themselves and their families. Today I am thrilled to have our organization across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central, South America and Europe. I feel elated, excited, jubilant and very grateful to be Crown Ambassador Diamond, which is the top rank in the company we work with.

My heart overflows with happiness and gratitude our income is in the mid-high six-figure range. We are abundantly blessed with more financial resources to increase our giving.

architecture-sunset-night-city-eiffel-tower-paris-1046619-pxhere.comThe most important thing and what I most grateful for is that I was able to retire Nancy from her job and take her on whole month dream vacation to Paris, France to celebrate her birthday on 7/20/20.  I rejoice in making my wife feel safe, truly loved and provided for! Having our home totally paid for 7/20/22 gives us peace of mind, fills my heart with gratitude. The sense of freedom, financial liberty, the true bliss we are living is something I give thanks to God every day for!

I want to close with this phrase: “Your life is a movie… write your own ending, Keep Believing”

I know it was a little long there, but I wanted to share as much as possible with you and your readers. Thank you so much for inviting us to live this moment with you. We are honored and very grateful for the opportunity to share a little bit of our story.

JG: The honor is mine, I enjoyed this time with both of you. Thank you Manuel and Nancy for spending this time with me. I have a feeling this is not the end of it, and I will be hearing more from you in the future.